Monday, March 2, 2009



Funny name, funny shape. So far I’ve made 4 of these quirky little biscuit-looking thingys and plan to make more because they are so much FUN! I love to watch them take their 8 corner-shape. The first one I stitched has a fall design on one side and a winter design on the other and a beautiful button in the middle pulling the two sides together.

Seasonal Biscornu Fall & Winter Face

collaborative between Giulia Punti Antichi & MTV Designs

32 ct cream linen, overdyed floss, beads, and buttons

The second biscornu uses 2 different fabric colors (can't tell by the photo) and, also, has different designs on front and back with a heart and a bead pulling the 2 together.

Just Nan Biscornu
When Barnabee Met Bella

30 ct linen, silks, beads, charms

The third is part of a set of the Cheetah Needlework Accessories free designs from Cross Stitch Happy.

Cheetah Biscornu front and back from Cross Stitch Happy .

36 count cream Irish linen, cotton floss, beads

And the fourth is a mini biscornu turned into a scissor fob.

Mini Biscornu 2 from Aurelle

I'll soon be stitching another biscornu because I'm a member of the Tiny Treasures Exchange and we are exchanging biscornus. If you haven't made one of these funny looking things, maybe this would be an exciting adventure for you. There are many good tutorials available with excellent photos to lead you step by step. I found advice here to help with the pesky corners.


  1. your biscornus look fabulous!!! I'm working on my first biscornu attempt and I have to say I'm a bit nervous about it. I hope it will turn out ok. Thanks for the tip!!!

  2. WoW! What stunning biscornus! Beautiful finishing’s with the pins, buttons and beads. Thanks you so much for sharing them. I must say the "Just Nan Biscornu" is my favourite one. Love the pattern, love your colour and fabric choice. Happy stitching