Sunday, February 21, 2010

D is for Drum

Letter D from The Prairie Schooler D*E*F (Book No. 99)
25ct Fairy Dust Lugana
DMC cotton floss

Another letter completed in The Prairie Schooler alphabet. Just a few changes:
Drumsticks: 680
Drum: blue 311, red 3858, green, 3012
Letter D: 372
Acorns: 680
Eagle: wish I had stitched the body in a lighter color - 3371 is so stark making this eagle look 'headless' instead of just bald - all you see is body.

teresa w asked if I complete each x stitch before going on to the next. In this design, because there are large areas of one color, I will do the bottom leg of the cross stitch all the way across a row and then complete the top part of the stitch on the way back. In smaller areas I will complete each stitch individually being careful not to lose the floss behind the threads of the linen.

I seem to be doing a lot of ripping out (feel like I'm stitching this twice). As I'm going along I'm choosing lighter shades. The ripping out is creating a great deal of frustration but I am determined to complete this entire alphabet. The design is just wonderful. I can't wait to move on to "E is for Embroidery". I'm already thinking of ideas for those spools of thread.

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