Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quilted Hearts

The last 2 entries evoked memories of the warmth and comfort provided by quilts. So here goes. A sampling of hearts - quilted, pieced, or appliqued:

Pieced Heart
Quilted Heart
Appliqued Heart

The landscape of hills and valleys created by quilting through layers of fabrics makes a cozy ‘puffiness’ and a play of light and dark shadows dances across the material. The design on the back can be just as pretty as the front. See the heart design here – it was created by quilting around the heart on the front.


  1. Cute hearts!!!! And all the quilting is just amazing~

  2. Love all the hearts! Yes, the quilting is quite amazing!

  3. LOVE your quilt!! It's gorgeous!!

  4. Not only is your stitching beautiful, but you also quilt beautifully. WOW!!! You are so very talented. Loved your 2 previous posts showing your recent ornament & fob.
    Have a great weekend,
    Barb in TX