Sunday, February 22, 2009

WIP - Berlin Woolwork

Berlin Woolwork
Part 2 of 9 (Motifs 11-22)
Darlene O’Steen -The Needle’s Prayse

Motif 19

Motif 20

Motif 21

There are a total of 95 motifs in 9 parts in all and since that sounds so daunting I've decided to set a goal. Did you know there are 3 parts to effective goal setting? I didn't learn this until recently.

1. The goal must be realistic, obtainable: do-able. In other words I can't say I'll finish this project in 2 days because I can't humanly stitch that fast.

2. There must be a timeframe attached to the goal (mine is September of this year). Otherwise, I would take forever.

3. It must be measurable (I always have trouble with this one).

My Goal: I will stitch Parts 3 through 9 until the project is completed in September 2009. If I break it down in smaller increments it doesn’t sound so daunting – I will complete stitching Part 3 in March, Part 4 in April, and so on. Sorry for my rambling – I’m giving myself a pep talk – sort of a motivational kick in the pants. So many projects, so little time. . . . . . but I'm smiling!!!

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