Friday, November 13, 2009

Who said bigger is better?

Lately, it seems I’ve been working on little - no - tiny projects.

Halloween Bits by Erica Michaels
40ct silk gauze
DMC cotton floss, CC, WDW, GAST

Like the acorn fob (Needle Nut) this was stitched on silk gauze. I used that same mat to mount the gauze for stitching. And I was lucky enough to find an inexpensive shiny black frame to put the finished piece in.

From tiny to "can you believe how little this is"????

Another miniature project but stitched on 40ct linen instead of 40ct silk gauze.
Even though the thread count is the same, I found it easier stitching on the silk because the holes were larger for the needle and thread to slip through. The fabric linen fibers are thicker and I had to “hunt” for the holes. (I really do need to get stronger glasses!)

From this . . .

to this . . .

Almost 40 colors worked into this space. Beautiful shading. Do you see the face in the moon?

OOOO fierce looking cat!

(about 1 ½” x 1”)

Boo Pendant by Blackberry Lane Designs, LLC designed by Marie Driskill
40ct light sand linen (Zweigart)
DMC cotton floss

One more -

Just Nan
Spooky Witch Hat
Over The Top! 2009 Series


  1. Fantastic! They make such beautiful pendants. And the Just Nan piece is super!

    I guess you have great lighting. I've been doing some over-one on 28 count, but that's as tiny as I'm willing to go!

  2. I think small projects are nice when you are wanting to finish one prior to starting another but I have not yet figured that concept out. I love the ones that take forever and ever, especially when they are finally up on the walls.
    Be always in stitches.

  3. Wow! Your stitching is stunning! I love Halloween and these are all great projects!

  4. I love working on silk gauze too. All your pieces are gorgeous. What a busy girl you are.

  5. Oh boy those are so tiny :)

    I am on smalls stitching kick as well. I love the pendents. Wonderful stitching :)

  6. Impressive! I don't think I could see to do those small projects anymore.

  7. Absolutely stunning work; I am so in awe of your stitching & finishing work. I can't even work on any counts higher than 18, so I'd never even attempt the 40 ct. But I so enjoy looking at yours.
    Barb in TX

  8. What fabulous stitching you've done! 40ct scares me and my eyes hurt just to think about it!

  9. Oh, wow! I LOVE your Halloween Bits; the colours are gorgeous. My favorite part about Halloween!