Monday, December 14, 2009

I don’t seem to be a very good blogger. Of all of life’s 'things to do', blogging is the first thing to get relegated to the back seat to be done ‘whenever’ I can get around to it. I do apologize.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful time but with a note of sadness. My father passed away 3 years ago on Thanksgiving Day. He is in my thoughts constantly this time of year. (He loved my turkey sandwiches and I loved making them for him.)

On an up note - it was all you can eat at my house - and they did!

All You Can Eat by The Prairie Schooler (Book No. 97)
36ct Irish Linen Tea (over 2)
DMC cotton floss

Before I forget, the crockpot dressing turned out pretty tasty. I did, however, transfer it to a casserole dish and stick it in the oven to brown the top toward the end. Not sure if I’ll prepare it that way again. I missed piling all that stuffing into the turkey.

The leaves are just starting to turn here (go figure, it's winter now). Some gorgeous fall colors are rolled up into this little humbug .

Who's lookin' at ya'????

Hootzi Humbug by Just Nan
28ct golden sand cashel linen by Zweigart
Gentle Art Sampler Threads & DMC cotton floss

I’ve been busy stitching gifts.

Thanks for your wonderful comments!


  1. I've always loved All You Can Eat. In fact I think I may have that chart... looks much better stitched than sitting in my filing cabinet. And Hootzi is adorable. Your pictures are much better than the model photos.

  2. Great lookin' stitching. Turkey Sandwiches are the best--gotta have a layer of cranberries in there, too! All You Can Eat also looks great--PS finishes look so much better than the cover models every time.