Thursday, April 9, 2009


Stitched but unfinished (must be a curse!) I can't make up my mind - picture or pillow? Guess that's why eight years later nothing has been done! I'm thinking pillow, yup, it's going to be a pillow. This is actually a small piece about 8" square and I love the lush 'tapestry' look.

"Tapestry Bunny" in Just Cross Stitch April 2001
14ct khaki(?) Aida, DMC floss

While searching for seasonal decorations I came across this little pillow stitched a long time ago (a very long time ago). And despite how very long ago that was I still like it; it hasn't lost its appeal. After stitching, I made into a little velvet pillow with eyelet trim. See, I CAN finish projects! (Oh, but that was so very, very long ago!)

“Springtime” Pulled-Thread by The Vermillion Stitchery CCPT (1982)
pale blue Congress cloth, DMC floss, unknown metallic

The bunny in the center is framed by a lace stitch and is surrounded by bands of petit point flowers and pulled stitches.

The stitches are pulled so tight you can see the pastel colored fabric lining underneath (that was the idea).

Another bunny . . .

It looks like there's something in the carrot.

Is there something in the carrot?

Hey, what's in the carrot?

I know there's something in that carrot.

There's got to be something in that carrot.

Okay, what's in the carrot?


  1. Hiding that bunny for 8 years? What a shame. Too cute to be in a closet.

    I'll be back to find out what's in the carrot.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful stitching. I especially like the Tapestry Bunny and the stuffed bunny is darling...WHAT'S IN THE CARROT???

  3. Hello, your bunnies are gorgeous and cute! Thank you for sharing those. I'm looking forward to your works and progress.


  4. Love your bunnies! What is in that darn carrot?

  5. I like your bunnies, do they hop around too?

  6. I'm about to start stitching the Tapestry Bunny design but since I just have a photocopy of the design, I didn't know what the main color was and I came across your photo of the design. This really helped me decide what color fabric to use, so thank you so much for posting the photo. Adorable bunnies.