Monday, April 27, 2009

Making Lemonade!

I had such big plans -

wonderful, grandiose plans,

BIG, super glorious plans.

My creative hat was on.

Ideas were coming fast and furious.

I could hardly contain myself. And then . . .

and then something happened.

It went from this . . .

It’s Spring!” from Madame la F’ee (here)
25 ct evenweave DMC cotton floss, Kreinik blending filament, beads

to this . . .
and I almost cried.

This is what I salvaged. I just couldn’t toss it aside. I love the design, the flowers, the colors, and most of all I love the bees.

and the Moda fabric on the back.

Here’s another bee closeup -

I wanted that shiny, inky black color on the bees that only shiny, inky black beads can give so – I used - shiny, inky black seed beads on the bee bodies. I also wanted the wings to glitter so I used Kreinik blending filament.

I’ve learned to love my mistakes.

Or should I say - my creative misadventures!!


  1. Oh Candace! What's wrong?? I love your finish!
    The beading and the way the flower and wing stand out....backing fabric! What's not to love!!
    Beautiful finish:)

  2. This little heart is too cute. Love it!

  3. I think it's very sweet as is. But if you don't like the unfinished edges, you could try using some perle cotton and finishing with a blanket or buttonhole stitch around the edges.