Friday, April 17, 2009

Carrots are good for you!

Any idea as to what's inside?
Hmm, what could it be?

Okay, okay - I won't make you wait any longer . . .

"A Bunny Garden Needleroll" by Praiseworthy Stitches
DMC floss, 28 ct raw linen

A needleroll, a pincushion, and a scissor fob all small enough to fit into their carrot 'house'. TOO CUTE! Everything to complete the project was included - linen, fabric, floss, beads, felt, thread rings, charm, ribbon, even a flower-head pin! I love it when I don't have to go searching for all the separate items that go into a project like this. And then there are other times when I like being creative and adventurous and experimental and start putting things together and am amazingly surprised (or utterly shocked) as to what evolves! Oops, I'm getting sidetracked.

Here's a photo of the needleroll unrolled showing bunnies-large and small-in their vegetable garden filled with rows of lettuce and cauliflower and carrots. Do you see the little worms? There's a tiny one among the flowers and one crawling his way among the veggies.

Here's a closeup of the lower portion of the needleroll . . .

See the busy bees buzzing around the hive?

Here's what the 'working' side of the needleroll looks like:

This was such a delight to stitch. Thank you for letting me share it with you.


  1. That is adorable! Good work.

    I love stitching accessories...I must have a dozen charts (not yet stitched, of course) of chatelaines.


  2. What a cool project. You did a great job. Sometimes it's hard to find something original and this definitely was original!

  3. I never seen it before. It's so lovely, I hope that I will never found it in a store. :)

    Great finish!

  4. That's pretty cute! Never have seen that before but what a cute idea for Christmasy gifting too! Thanks for sharing it! The little needleroll is cute! Love it!

  5. How smart and totally adorable!!

  6. Simply gorgeous - I love it! where did you get it? I think I need one in my collection! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Fiona x

  7. "A Bunny Garden Needleroll" was purchased from The Shakespeare's Garden
    a couple of months ago. I have no idea if it is still available. Good Luck!