Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Adventure: Ribbon Embroidery

Here's my first attempt at ribbon embroidery, an embroidered baby pillow. I've had this kit for sooooo many years - thought it was about time I worked on it.

Bear & Bunny Patch (Bucilla silk ribbon kit #41287)
Cotton flannel, floss, silk ribbon

The bear and bunnies were appliqued to the pillow cover using a simple blanket stitch surrounded by a beautiful garden of silk ribbon flowers.

I love the tactile feel of silk, whether it's ribbon or fiber. It's slick and smooth like a sugar lollipop.

This project wasn't difficult at all. I would call it a beginner project in ribbon embroidery. The stitches used for the flowers were straight stitch, Japanese ribbon stitch, french knot and free form. The bunny and bear tails were ruched ribbon and the bows were looped.

For my next adventure, hmmmm, what will I try? Brazilian embroidery or more stump work? I have no idea!


  1. very nice.
    I love it.
    Its great.
    Greetings sofie

  2. Just darling!

    I vote stumpwork.

  3. I love these! They are really cute!

  4. OMG!! Candace! This is absolutely adorable!
    Your work is amazing!! Congrats on this beautiful finish:)

  5. This looks great! Beautiful even stitches and so cute too. Well done.

  6. Is there anything that you can't do??? Love the bunnies!!! I'm almost finished knitting my leg warmers! You'd be so proud mommy!!