Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Words (to live by)

Here's a list of words or expressions I have been heard to mutter on occasion.

My Passion . . . I must say this at least once while stitching, maybe more . . .

“I Love Cross Stitch” from I Love Cross Stitch by Alma Lynne
pink hardanger, DMC floss, Kreinik
My Excuse . . . oh yeah! Can't have any of that idle neatness - it's just so, so un-healthy!
This is not a self-portrait. I don't look like that (my toes aren't that long) but I do have a pink hair bow (kidding!).

from More Quotable Croaks book two by Ann & Roger Steinbach
22 count hardanger, DMC floss

My Stitching Prayer . . . I used to say this a lot in the beginning but I've got the direction thing perfected, finally. Now I need protection from going over 3 when I should be going over 2! Bet that never happens to you . . .

from Heirloom Garden Border by Charles Ross (New Dawn Designs)
linen, DMC floss, metallic thread

My Philosophy . . . this has been a favorite of mine for years and it says so much! I try my best to turn negatives into positives. (Sometimes, though, it's really, really hard. But I try, really! Really and truly! I've made a lot of lemonade in my life!)

Unknown (I've searched and searched but can't find the chart - maybe I loaned it out)

My Motivator . . . I hear this a lot!!??

Big Girl Panties Dolly Momma by Janlynn
14 count Aida

More words later - on another day . . .

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  1. LOL - very good! Love the frog - I think that must be my excuse too! And, yes, it's a good thing I like lemonade! Haven't seen the big girl panties before either - sounds about right to me!