Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mini Sampler: April

Another mini sampler has joined the bunch. Here's what I've done so far -

The group picture shows April in front. While doing these I've noticed something interesting happening. At first I was very stingy with the polyester stuffing and then became very generous. January is slim, February isn't quite as thin as January, March is rounded, and April is chubby. By the time I get to December, it'll be rotund! I'm going to have to go easy on the stuffing or they're going to split their seams!

Here's April, with tiny blue raindrops falling on umbrellas.
Spring Showers by Periwinkle Promises
28 count linen, silk floss

The top flower vine is scattered with spider web rosettes, a new stitch introduced this month, and the vine below it is done in Queen's stitch with French knot flowers.

Not related but a quick-to-stitch project - a free chart that I got with an order.

First Robin of Spring
designed by Elizabeth Foster

I think I like the red frame better.


  1. I love Periwinkle Promises! Several years ago I did 17 of her samplers in a year. And the accent samplers make great gifts. I love the ones you've done.

  2. This is very nicely stitched. I am so interested in the spider web rosettes, have to look them up as I have never stitched them before. Thanks you for sharing your lovely work! Kindest regards, Ronel

  3. Boy!! I have been missing out!!!! Look at all the fabulous little cushions~
    I have stitched the Robin before, and I love this little design~~ It's still sitting in my to be finished pile, though..... Sould finish it up soon or spring will be over!!!!
    I like the red frame better~~

  4. Your little pillows are adorable!! and I love the stitches!
    The Robin is too cute and I like both frames:)

  5. What a great collections!
    The first Robin looks lovely and love the red frame for it.

  6. What a beautiful little sampler collection! I love it. Love your other stitching, too.

  7. Pretty little sampler pillows!

  8. I adore your Periwinkle Promises pillows - I have a wintry one in my "to stitch soon" pile ... if it turns out half as well as yours, I'll be happy :)